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Affiliation with MDVIP allows us to provide you with the next level of healthcare experience!



Over 1000 of the finest doctors across the country have been chosen to join the MDVIP network to provide patients enhanced services at every level.  Beyond traditional medicine, our patients receive numerous benefits that go beyond the services your insurance may cover.  These include:


  • Yearly preventive exams far beyond your traditional physical.  Targeted testing is done to ensure both longevity and quality of life are assessed and optimized.  Ranked by Worth Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Executive Physicals", this testing looks for issues that may be missed by conventional testing.  The MDVIP wellness program compliments the traditional insurance physical by looking at:
    • Heart and vascular health, including specialized blood testing through Cleveland HeartLab
    • Screening for peripheral artery disease
    • Vision screening and eye strain testing
    • Hearing assessment
    • Weight management, with a detailed analysis of body composition
    • Respiratory health (testing suspended during pandemic)
    • Metrics assessing strength, agility and frailty which can imply early dementia or fall risk
    • Nutrition and Fitness, with detailed guidance on optimizing your diet and exercise regimen
    • Sexual health
    • Sleep health
    • Emotional well-being, since improving your lifestyle is impossible if you don't feel a sense of balance to your life.
  • The Medical Centers of Excellence (MCE) program, which expedites appointments with the greatest health centers in the country when serious or unusual health problems develop.
  • Travel benefits, including access to the network of nearly 1000 MDVIP-affiliated physicians should you become ill while away from home.
  • The patient site, which provides secure fast messaging to your doctor,  dependable nutrition information, tailored exercise programs, and vetted articles about the latest medical studies.


In addition to the wellness program, our office provides our patients with:


    • Flexibly scheduled, on-time appointments that are more than twice as long as with most doctors.  This allows us to consider your issue more thoroughly, communicate regularly with specialists, better coordinate your care, and address other issues during sick visits.
    • Access to our professional, specially trained staff to assist you thoroughly through a dedicated phone #.
    • After-hours access to YOUR doctor directly by cell phone, should any urgent issues arise.
    • Benefits for dependents.  Your children aged between 16-26 can be able to be see your doctor.


The cost of MDVIP membership is often considered a medical expense.  Most FSA or health savings account (HSA) programs may be used toward the cost.  Further details are available.



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