We are pleased to provide telemedicine services to our established patients so that you can visit your doctor remotely by video under certain situations for follow-up of chronic health conditions and evaluation of certain new problems.  Through your smartphone, iPad/tablet, or camera-enabled computer this service allows you to consult with your doctor from wherever is convenient for you!


It's helpful for us to have some basic information about you gathered before this visit.  If you have the ability we recommend you check your temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate prior to our on-line visit.  It also can be useful to make a list of any changes to your medicines or your health status since we last spoke, so that we can review it together.


We utilize HIPAA-compliant secure videoconferencing software through Doxy.Me (as in "Doc, see me!") to make this happen.  Clicking the link below will allow you to check-in to your doctor's waiting room at times that will be specified for these virtual visits.  Your doctor can also invite you to such a visit through a text message.  After you log in, you will enter a waiting room for your doctor.


Telemedicine visits are considered an accepted form of treatment by the standards of the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and therefore are billable services for which you normally may owe a co-payment or co-insurance just as when you come in for an office visit.  It is our general understanding that during the coronavirus pandemic the state of NJ has required insurance companies to waive any such patient fees or copays, but please understand this decision is not under our control.


We look forward to providing this service to you, and hope it saves you time and is more convenient.  We would appreciate your feedback on the experience!




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