Our Commitment to you.

In an era plagued with the market-driven woes of unavailable physicians, inconvenient appointments, and 7-minute doctor visits that start an hour late, we are striving to maintain the personal side of medicine.


How did we improve on medical care?


1) We provide many services right in our office, including:


Drawing of blood during most visits

Wart Removal/Cryotherapy

Electrocardiogram (EKG)


Hearing Tests

5-minute PT/INR measurement (for Coumadin/warfarin therapy)

Pulse Oximetry

Earwax Removal

Urine Analysis

Blood Sugar

Rapid Strep throat testing (10 minute result)

Rapid flu testing

Pregnancy Testing

. . . and laboratory, radiology, physical therapy, OB/GYN services are all available in our building complex!


2) We use the latest electronic medical record (EMR) software, so we are able to maximize the time we spend with you. . . no charts to lose!  We can instantly check for drug interactions.  Referrals are streamlined, prescriptions can be instantly sent to your pharmacy electronically, and lab test information is transmitted through the Internet to ensure accuracy.  Your insurance company receives the most accurate information we can provide while allowing us to quickly and easily tell whether you are up-to-date with all of the most recent screening guidelines for prevention of disease.  The software also allows us to access your records after-hours should you have an emergency... one of our doctors is on-call 24/7 should you have a problem.


3) We reserve ample time each day for same-day visits so that our established patients can be seen for an acute illness.  We know you don't plan to be sick ahead of time!


4) We provide a patient portal service, which allows our patients to review test results and correspond with us through a secure website at any time of day.


5) During certain times and for certain situations, we will perform telemedicine visits with patients via videoconferencing on a secure platform using your smartphone, tablet, or camera-enabled computer.


5) We strive to provide a courteous, knowledgeable, and professional staff to help you with questions.  Did you ever have tests done and never hear back from your doctor?  We routinely attempt to notify our patients about test results... even if results are normal.


We are a well-established practice, and have many patients under our care.  If you are interested in becoming a patient, we encourage you NOT to wait until you feel sick!  Often, a "well-visit" or physical is the best way to introduce yourself to our practice.


We strive to provide the very best care to our patients, so once you have been established with us you typically will not have to wait more than one business day to be seen for any acute problem.  Our primary focus will always be on prompt, effective care for our patients... if you ever feel you received less than that, tell us. We want to know!



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